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What’s in there? What’s not?

What’s in there? What’s not?

How does your garden grow? Compost, and lots of it. At our previous house, I used a metal trash can with a tightly fitting lid. I made holes in the bottom for drainage. I found I could roll the trashcan around the yard to aerate it. It worked really well but it didn’t make the move with me last summer so I had to start again at our new place.

I started with a four dollar clear plastic tub that I found at my local box store. I got the largest available box. I chose clear so the sun could heat up the mix, but I think black would also be a good choice. I put about a hundred holes in the bottom of the box with a nail. You need holes in the bottom so the water can drain from your compost. I have four kids for a total of six people in my house, it’s not difficult to have enough kitchen scraps to add to the compost. I must say that while I still compost in the bin, I have since started an open composting pile as well. I just needed more compost than the bin was able to produce.

So, what’s in it? Just about anything, but not everything. As a general rule you can add most kitchen waste to compost. I don’t put meat or meat products in my compost. We have foxes in our area, they already like my yard being ours is the first house they come to when they emerge from the small copse of trees at the edge of our property. I don’t encourage them if I can help it. However, I do add fish to my mix from time to time. I am pretty careful to wrap the fish in coffee grounds and newspaper when I add it.

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