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Paisley Plant of the Week: Lemon Cucumber

Paisley Plant of the Week: Lemon Cucumber

The Paisley Plant of the week is…(drum roll here) Lemon Cucumber.

Cucumber: Cucumis sativus

Variety: Lemon or True Lemon This is classified as an heirloom that was introduced in 1894

 I love to grow cucumbers. This year I have six different types going on the cucumber fences. My favorite cucumber is the Lemon (sometimes called True Lemon) Lemon cucumbers are the approximate size, shape, and color of a lemon, but their flavor is pure sweet cuke. The skins are very thin and tender so they need no peeling. These little guys make awesome pickles but are delicious straight from the garden.

Lemon Cucumber vine-Flint, TX July 2011

The vines are vigorous but quite manageable. The plants have good tolerance to most of the things that aim to sink them. I have on occasion fought powdery mildew with this variety. I have learned to water these guys only in the morning so they can be completely dry in the evenings. They like that.

Other than that, enjoy a bountiful harvest of Lemon Cucumbers. I’m giving a couple of recipes you might enjoy as well. Oooh so paisley!

Lemon Cucumber Flint, TX August 2011

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