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Throwback Thursday: Crocus

Throwback Thursday: Crocus

Throwback Thursday is when we look back in time and put a spotlight on one of our heirloom varieties. This week, with the strangely warm weather we’ve been having, I think we need to talk about the Crocus.

In years past I have anxiously awaited the arrival of the crocus. Rather than waiting for the groundhog to stumble out of his winter den to give his vague extrapolations about the remaining length of winter’s grip, I look to the crocus.

Crocus: IridaceaeĀ Crocus sativus

This little guy in the Iris family is a seriously eager beaver in the garden. It is not unusual to find them poking their heads out of snowbanks and through icy drifts. Doesn’t it give us a little thrill when we do see them? I hear the angels proclaiming, “You have another spring! See our gifts for you?” Okay, I don’t actually hear that. I think it would be time to adjust some medication levels if I actually heard that. = P

I do love to see the crocus at the end of winter though.

Crocus grow from corms. They are not true bulbs but rather a swollen stem that remains underground storing all the plants need to survive the winter. The difference is were you to cut a corm in half your would find it a solid mass, if you were to cut the bulb of a tulip in half, you would find layers similar to leaves.

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