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5 Things I Want to Know About You or Sunny With a Chance of Parsnips

5 Things I Want to Know About You or Sunny With a Chance of Parsnips

It rained non stop for five days. After the drought we have had, let me tell you, it was glorious. I didn’t even mind getting soaked trying to run into the church building yesterday. Today dawned warm and sunny, which means I need to be out in the garden. The seedlings are going to be set out soon and there are still chores to be completed before that can happen.

So, today is all about you. I want to know five things about you. I’m always talking about me. I want to hear from you. What is your gardening story? Who are your gardening heroes? What makes you tick and what makes you sick? After you leave your comments, send me a message with the title “Paisley Parsnip Participant” to paisleycarrot@gmail.com with your particulars and I’ll send you a packet of seeds. Thanks for participating, and have a Paisley day~KeriAnne

  1. Finish this sentence: If I could only grow one thing, it would be…
  2. Would you say a) I have always had an interest in gardening, it’s been a passion all of my life. b) I have always liked plants, but I didn’t really garden until later in life. c) I never really thought of gardening one way or another until (insert event) happened. d) toothbrush
  3. The one person that has influenced my garden or love of gardening is__________and this is why___________.
  4. I don’t grow___________, and this is why ____________.
  5. If I had more room I would a) plant more plants of ___________ b) branch out to other plants like maybe _____________ c) get more animals instead of more plants d) toothbrush

Thanks again. Don’t forget to email me with the title “Paisley Parsnips Participant” at paisleycarrot@gmail.com for your free seeds. Free seed offer ends April 1, 2012