Joyeux Printemps and Bon Anniversaire, Paul

Joyeux Printemps and Bon Anniversaire, Paul

Firsts have always meant a lot to me. My mother was born on the first day of winter, my brother was born on the first day of spring and I was born on the first day of summer. If it’s the first of any new season, chances are good you need to have a birthday card handy.

It’s the first day of spring, what a way to welcome it in. We had gale force winds, trees are down, electricity is ¬†spotty, and our Wii may have been surged. The Wii is a tragedy because that is how we watch Netflix in the den. I’m hoping it’s just some breaker that Ryan will be able to reset when he gets around to it.

So, it’s spring! Let’s garden!

I’m so excited about my Tom Thumb lettuce. Wait, didn’t you say you don’t grow lettuce? I said I have

Tom Thumb Lettuce Ten Weeks

difficulties with lettuce. I’ve been living in South Texas for the last la di da years and my lettuce has really loved to bolt. I grow romaine for the bunnies and use as much as they don’t eat and this year I’m growing Tom Thumb in the main bed. We’re much further north so it’s not going to bolt, right? Yeah, well, we’ll see.

Tom Thumb Lettuce

Tom Thumb is so cute! It makes tiny, four inch green flowerettes of lettucy goodness. You should take a peek at the blog of ittybittyseeds, she seems like the lettuce queen. Lucky.

I’m not a big proponent of iceberg lettuce. I’m not a big fan of eating anything that has zero vitamins or minerals. But KeriAnne, it has water. I’ll drink water from a glass, I want vitamins in my lettuce. Having said that, I do use iceberg sometimes for lettuce wraps and I just got a recipe from a blogger friend that I’m anxious to try. You should take a look here for the recipe from Ranting Chef.

Trellis with Mexican Sour Gherkins/Tom Thumb under

Back to Tom Thumb. I’m going to try this new (to me) trellis for Patrick’s Green Garden. It’s a frame on a slant, planted with cucumbers that will help cool the lettuce that I’ll plant on the backside. I’m going to try this with the Mexican Sour Gherkins that Paddy has in his Green Garden and put some Tom Thumb under it. How cute is that?

Other salady things this year. I’m growing chervil for salads and I keep some cress year round on the porches. I do Amish Deer Tongue also because it isn’t afraid of warm weather and it’s easy cut and come again manner makes it a winner. It’s listed on the Ark of Taste list, so that’s a plus as well. Ark of Taste has a few varieties I’m going to try this year. Today’s list is the lettuces. I do hope you’ll try some and let me know what happens with them. I’m so excited to have this resource.

I got a funny e-mail from a friend from high school last night about the Ark of Taste. She asked if I am working for Slow Food now. Nope, I just love them. I’ve also been asked if I work for Baker Creek Seeds. I don’t, but I would if I could!

I just get very excited about things and I think that everyone else will get just as excited. 25 years with the Parsnip and 20 years with grumbling kids hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for old favorites or new treasures. Naysayers begone! There are things worth getting excited about!

Here’s a great one, since you asked. The Ranting Chef linked a site that I now love! I’ve used beets to dye yarn (and Meghan’s socks when she was two) but never pasta. I’m definitely going to try this. How lovely.

Pasta dyed with beets and spinach...lovely!

If you have a second, check out Pasta Princess¬†Hey, Mother’s Day is coming up, maybe I’ll ask for the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. I’ve flip flopped on wanting the pasta attachment and the grain mill. I make my own bread so I thought it might be cool to make my own flour for different breads. We have a super good grocery store in Tyler called Fresh that has many specialty flours, so maybe I’ll go for the pasta maker? We’ll see, I’ll probably ask for some plant or another when it comes time anyway.

Ark of Taste List for today: Lettuce

I have to run, children are needing school help. Those Latin verbs aren’t going to conjugate themselves. Happy Birthday to Paul. Happy Spring to everyone else. I’m sending a Paisley Carrot hug to him…and all of you! And, in case you were wondering, crisis averted, the Wii just needed to reset the circuit breaker. I know you were worried for us.

A Big Paisley Carrot Hug to Paul! And all of you.

Happy Paisley Spring!~KeriAnne

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