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Planting Three Sisters

Planting Three Sisters

Earlier this week I talked about the practice of burying a fish with your crops as a natural fertilizer. This started me thinking of other long used methods of farming that I may have been overlooking. A little digging brought to surface another ancient gem that I had completely forgotten about.

It is the Three Sisters that I am interested in today. The sisters, corn, beans and squash are grown together in symbiotic bliss.

Bonus Corn. Those adorable baby corns for stir fry!

I had planned to make 10 bean and pea tipi’s in several places in the garden, but I’ve had an anomaly this year that has prompted the need for other plantings as well. I started four kinds of beans and three kinds of peas in anticipation of my tipi structures. Usually I have about 75-80% germination so I over start to get all I need. This year I have had very near 100% germination. I’m loathe to toss a plant that is healthy and really wants to grow, so what am I to do?

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