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Gourmet Parsley? Yep.

Gourmet Parsley? Yep.

Parsley isn’t paisley. Unless, of course, it is.

This year I’m growing gourmet parsley. Three kinds of gourmet parsley to be more accurate.

You may ask, “What, pray tell, is gourmet parsley”? I’m so glad you asked.

Gourmet Parsley #1: Hamburg

Hamburg Parsley

Hamburg parsley is actually a parsnip (not my scoffing husband, Parsnip. The vegetable parsnip) The root can be used and is delicious mashed either with potatoes or just on it’s own. Seriously, most people cannot tell the difference between mashed potatoes and mashed parsnips.

I grow parsnips year round…well nearly year round. I sometimes have a break in July through August as they do love to bolt in the extreme of Texas summer. Last year, I just kept growing them, let them go to seed and saved the seeds. This will work if you are not growing carrots or other root veg in the immediate area. Most of the things that would cause cross pollination problems are cleared out by the end of May because of the heat, so it works for me. Read the rest of this entry