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Paisley Plant of the Week: Bonus Corn

Paisley Plant of the Week: Bonus Corn

This plant is so paisley…it’s dripping paisley!


Sounds boring, right? Not so!

Bonus Corn!

Bonus corn is a hybrid that produces those little corns that are so delicious in stir-fry. Each ear is 4-6 inches long and the entire ear is edible, no need to slice it off of the cob. My wise son just told me to tell you, you do still have to peel it. He was worried you might try to eat it peel and all. Thanks Jonners.

Growing Bonus corn is also fun. It emerges quickly. I chit mine, but it probably isn’t necessary. I just got in the habit of doing the corn along with my beans and peas. It may give me a little jump on my seeds, I dunno.

Bonus corn grows to a height of 5′. Here’s something different (and paisley) about Bonus corn, each stalk produces 4-5 ears! That’s cool. I also grow Country Gentleman, a standard shoepeg variety, you only get one ear per stalk with that. So 4-5 little ears are super cool, and paisley!

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