Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli

I have radishes, beets, parsnips and bunching onions. Two flower beds,  two blueberry bush pots, two acai bush pots and a geranium/herb pot planted. Nine million and forty two seedlings ready for transplant (give or take eight million). My back is sore, my calves are tender, my arms are killing. I LOVE SPRING!

I’m trying to beat a thunderstorm that is heading our way so this will be yet again, a shorter post. I wanted to tell you about the flower beds I put in yesterday evening. This is a very simple border around our little parking area. I think it will help make this neglected looking area a bit more cheerful.

Lilliput Zinnias

Marigolds Petite Mix

Along the length is a bed 2′ wide by 25′. Here I planted:

  • Marigolds:
  • Janie Flame Marigold

  1. Janie
  2. Fiesta
  • Zinnias:
  1. Carmine Rose
  2. Envy
  3. Scarlet Flame
  4. Violet Queen
  5. Rose Cactus

Along the width the bed is 2′ by 15′. I wanted lower plants here. Here I put:

  • Thyme -because we can all use more of this, right?
  • Petite Marigolds in yellow and orange
  • Lilliput Zinnias


Ugh! I hear thunder. Here are some pictures of the beds before the flowers. After pictures will have to wait, I need to get outside!

It's going to be lovely, but at the moment...not so much.They'll be spectacular...someday!What will be, will be.

Have a Spring filled paisley day!~KeriAnne

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