I Spell Relief C-L-A-R-I-T-A-N

I Spell Relief C-L-A-R-I-T-A-N

I love spring! I love being outside! I am completely allergic to both right now!

I know I’m not alone in this.

Paisley Tissue? Of course!

People that would be hard pressed to spend more than $3 for a gallon of milk show no qualms when plopping down their $25 for 10 capsules of antihistamine. Forget the inflated oil industry, look at the drug companies! Seriously?

I will say that East Texas has thrown me a curve I had not expected. I’m used to the drainage, watery eyes and sinus pressure every year. I’ve dealt with that all my life, except in Guam, where I was, remarkably, ¬†allergy free.

So, the new order of business…or should I say disorder? Rash and hives. I have no idea what is causing them and no amount of lotion, oatmeal baths or antihistamine is coming close to relieving them. I’m miserable and have found no consolation.

I’m going to the garden where I can be miserable and at least productive.

If anyone knows of any sure fire anti-itch anti-rash remedies, please do not hesitate to comment! Email paisleycarrot@gmail.com Write them in the sky! I’ll gladly give you my home address…if you’re a serial killer…at least I won’t itch anymore and I’m good with my Maker at the moment! Good gravy, I’ve lost my mind, I’m going outside now, that’s probably where I left it.

I hope your day is 100 times more paisley than mine!~KeriAnne


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