One Fish, Two Fish, Feed Your Plants Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Feed Your Plants Fish

4 out of 5 colonists agree that planting your corn on top of a fish results in better yields.

It’s no “fish story” that the colonists learned from the Native Americans to plant their corn crops with a fish. They didn’t know why it worked, but they knew that it did.

Today, we can understand that the decay of the fish provides a nitrogen rich environment for plants, and that nitrogen is essential for leaf growth and that leaf growth is essential for plant health. Corn needs plentiful amounts of ┬ánitrogen throughout it’s entire growth cycle. This makes perfect sense when you consider a kernel the size of pea will end up being six foot tall and produce hundreds of seeds.

I use a combination of a few fish based fertilizers with results that keep me content.

It's like Magic from the Sea

I use Sea Magic on everything for many reasons.

  1. It’s inexpensive. Generally under $5 per packet each packet makes 60 gallons. That’s pretty inexpensive.
  2. You make a “tea” with it then use the “tea” as a water supplement when you want to feed.
  3. I have never had a problem with “burning” plants, even the tiniest of seedlings when I use my kelp tea.
  4. Plants love it! The proof is in the pudding. Healthy plants, huge yields and gorgeous fruits and veggies.

Sea Magic "tea" ready to go.

Fish Emulsion

I use fish emulsion on many things. The violets love it, roses too. Some of the fish goodies are taken out of fish emulsion because of the heat process it undergoes for manufacturing. I think of it like over cooking vegetables. They are still desirable, but not as healthy as raw or steamed. I’ve had great results with Alaska which is available at most garden supply stores. I don’t use it on everything and I don’t use it every year, but I do use it some, and am happy when I do.

Neptune's Harvest Fish Hydrolysate

Fish Hydrolysate

That sounds fancy. It turns out that it means basically, ground up fish, cold processed and made into a slurry or powder. This is a very good fertilizer. I use this in every garden except my herb bed. I don’t put it on my herbs because I haven’t needed food other than my Kelp tea and worm tea for good results with my herbs. Another “green” consideration? Hydrolysate is made with the “extra” fish that are caught that are not suitable for human consumption. What would have been “garbage” is now gold. That’s pretty cool.

I use Neptune’s Harvest, but there are others out there. Just be sure to get one that has been cold processed. Look for the Hydrolysate.

Whether you choose one fish, two fish, a red fish or a blue fish…fish makes good plant food!

Have a fishy paisley day!~KeriAnne

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