Throwback Thursday: Morning Glory

Throwback Thursday: Morning Glory

Picture this…

Trailing emerald green vines of perfect heart shaped leaves winding their way up, stretching to the sun, reaching up to glory. Quietly unfolding brilliant azure disks, velvety orbs of stunning cerulean grandeur, beckoning sapphire treasures.

Heavenly Blue climber

Okay, they’re morning glories. But aren’t they beautiful? I mean, seriously, they’re stunning.

I love everything about morning glories. I love that these guys will just do their thing whether you watch them or not. But who can help but watch them?

When roses say, “Treat me nice and I’ll put on a show for you. “Morning glories say, “It’s whatever, I put on a show for me.” (I suppose if your plants are literally speaking to you, it may be time to adjust your medication, but that’s another post for another day.)

Today is for the morning glory.

Grandpa Ott

There are a zillion varieties, many colors and even different shapes and sizes. All of them are beautiful in their own way.

Some things you need to take in consideration when choosing your variety, length of vines, foliage virility. In other words if you want a mannerly morning glory that will fill out your fan trellis and stay put, choose a variety that plays that way. Some are very obedient, but others are impetuous and not content to only go where you want, you need to prepare for that and be ready to discipline them or let them go if you have the space.

Some can grow 15-20 feet in practically no time at all. They can make a great pergola specimen, a shabby- chic country porch addition, and adds heirloom charm to any outdoor space.

Blue Picotee (Gorgeous!)

Now, let’s talk colors. So many colors, so little space. I do believe I would have one of each if I could. This year I participated in a seed swap for morning glories and sunflowers. I ended up with eleven varieties and I’m so thrilled to have them. I don’t have all of these (yet) but I’ve seen them and highly recommend them to you.

Choose your color…or colors!

Beautiful blue climbers


Dacapo Blue

  • Ismay (powder blue stars on a cream background)
  • Blue Star (tri-colored, powder, blue and navy)
  • Heavenly Blue (the name says it…heavenly)
  • Giant Flying Disks (Feathered strokes of lavender-blush blue, extra large disks)
  • Persian Star (Baby blue background with blue and pink stars, gorgeous)
  • Sun Smile Blue (Blue picotee with white stars)
  • Blue Picotee (These are brilliant! Deep blue with white edges)


  • Star of Yelta (Outlined with white, intensely deep purple)
  • Milky Way (White with purple star)
  • Grandpa Ott (profusion of small purple disks with red stars)
  • President Tyler (Grand old purple, pleasing and profuse)
  • Kholians Black (So intense a purple, they almost look black)


Pink Feather Morning Glory

  • Rose Feather (Interesting star shaped flowers atypical morning glory)
  • Imperial Mini Bar (smallish, cute pink flowers)
  • Rosita (Mixture of pastels, coral, powder pink, and fushia)
  • Split Personality (Magenta with a white halo)
  • Candy Pink (Just like it says, they look like candy…eye candy)


Scarlet O'Hara

  • Red Feather (Another atypical star shaped feathered flower)
  • Sunspots (small, happy red flowers)
  • Scarlet O’Hara (Stunning scarlet disks of glory)
  • Crimson Rambler (Small burgundy profusion of color)
  • Cameo Elegance (White picotee fushia and red centers)
  • Akahigezaki (A very interesting Japanese variety)

I just have to stop. With over 300 varieties, it is just time to stop. There truly is a flower for everyone.

Don’t forget to put some Moonflowers along with your Morning Glories. They compliment each other perfectly and the Moonflower scent is intoxicating.

I know I’ve rambled (kind of like my subject) but these plants are amazing. They make me happy. How many plants can do that?

Where to get yours?

Baker Creek Seeds

Swallow Tail Seeds


Summer Hill Seeds  has a huge selection!

Have a paisley day filled with Morning Glories! KeriAnne



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  1. Love morning glories! Last year I grew them with moonflowers and let both climb up my sunflowers. I have a few “surprise” pop ups in the ground this year too. I also planted some of the “chocolate” variety from Baker Creek seeds this year. The plants are starting to grow, but no blooms yet. Can’t wait to see if they’re as pretty as I imagine them to be in my head.

    • I’m growing the Chocolate for the first time as well this year. Great minds do think alike it seems. ; ) I really do love Morning Glories and Moonflowers. They’re just so, well, glorious!

  2. I stumbled upon your post by accident, trying in vain to find a good set of information on variety names and colors. THANK YOU, YOU’RE AWESOME! Especially so just because you love these amazing, beautiful flowers. (People don’t seem to give them much credit.)

    • Ahh thanks! Come back and visit again soon. I agree Morning Glories do not get nearly the credit they so richly deserve. I’m on a mission to rectify that!

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