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Totally Terrific Tuesday

Totally Terrific Tuesday

I woke up this morning and decided it was going to be a totally terrific Tuesday. I was kind of sore, kind of headachy, and kind of blah, but I didn’t want to let that hold me back, so I didn’t.

I got up, got dressed, drank coffee and went out to the garden. Yesterday I planted twelve new cucumbers, but I gave out before I could do all the finishing up that I usually do. This morning I went out and sprinkled ground eggshell on all of the new mounds that will be my lovely cucumber plants soon.

I checked the new melons, they’re happy in their new bed. The Vert Grimmpant and the Jelly Melons already have flowers on them and the White Wonder Watermelon, started from seed just four days ago, is already about two inches tall. We had a good soaking rain the night I planted the melons, followed by three days of warm sunshine, which, no doubt, is the cause for all that melon happiness. Well, that and my gorgeous black compost from last year that they’re now wallowing in. = )

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