A Mystery on Monday

A Mystery on Monday

A dear friend from church gave me a plant I need a little help identifying. She told me it thrives in any soil but prefers morning sun, then a more shady afternoon. I’m thinking it’s a Caladium culitivar? Can you identify this plant? If so, please drop me a line!


Oh, and my neighbor across the way gave me some Four O’Clocks a couple of months ago, this morning I see they are beginning to bloom. They’re pretty. Ours is a symbiotic relationship, I give Billy fresh baked Rosemary bread, he gives me flower tubers. Win-win!

Four O'clocks in bloom! Thanks Billy

told you last week that I fixed the netting on last years A-line cucumber trellis. Here are the pictures of that little project. The price point is negligible compared to the fencing version, $1.98 compared to $26.90, but if you add in the six hours it took to complete, compared to 15 minutes, I think the fence version pays for itself! However, I already had it in place, and I did enjoy the garden that day, so I’m not complaining.

New netting all ready for the new cucumbers!

I had a cheeky Blue Jay come and sit at my feet, literally less than a foot away from me, eating the fat grubs I was tossing out of the old bed while I worked. He was content to munch them up until I tried to snap his picture, then he had enough of the up close proximity. What a rascal.

I was also amused by Seaweed (my miniature kitty). Every time he saw a bird he would duck his head and flinch. I do believe the boy has been dive bombed. While he is not a particularly aggressive kitty, I would imagine his curious nature has gotten him in hot water with the local aviary community.

I have happy cucumber babies coming up…

In the garden…

Happy Lemon Cucumber baby!

I’m installing two Morning Glory trellis this week in the back yard. I can’t wait to see them covered with their heart shaped leaves and stunning blooms of various and sundry shades of azure  and cerulean, violet and burgundy. I’m growing Chocolate again this year as well. It’s one of my favorite.

Also, we’re putting in the foundation of the Sunflower Fort for Patrick. He’s already asking to be able to sleep in it. I’ll have to bribe an older brother to fulfill this objective I think. I’m not sure if I have a sleep out in me right now with the current back issues. I’ll have to assess this when the time comes I suppose. His fort will be six foot wide and twelve foot long. Big enough for friends, small enough for that good “fort” feeling with the sunflower stalk walls of Giganteus, Grey Striped Mammoths and Tall Teddy closest in followed by Henry Wilde, Buttercream, Moulin Rouge and Dwarf Teddy Bear. Then I planted the miniature versions in the front of it all just  to be cute. These included Ballad, Firecracker, and Sunny Smile.

I put the “fort” entrance facing east, this will put his back to the road and the five rows of sunflowers should just about drown out any road noise. He’ll have his own little sanctuary. Hey, maybe I’ll sit in there as well!

Okay Laura, I’m still waiting for ideas for my radish brine dilemma = ) In case you missed it, Whimsical Wednesday I asked several people at church yesterday. The consensus was, small batch it and see what happens. Haha! I suppose there’s no getting around it. On the bright side, the Philadelphia White box pickles are gorgeous (if I do say so myself) I’ll post pictures later in the week of these beauties.

The last of Mystery on Monday…

I was checking on the corn yesterday when I found this…

Tomato in the Corn patch!

I have no idea what kind of tomato it is, it will have to be a surprise. I’m not sure how it got here, but it seems happy so I’m leaving it. If all goes well, I’ll probably start a new one tomato in the corn tradition? Ha! Perhaps not, but we’ll see.

Have a great, paisley Monday! ~KeriAnne



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  1. Did you just call me out? :)

    I’m not sure about the brine, but I agree with the others, to just do a small batch and see what happens. I’m inclined to think if the radishes are black, it will tend to tint the brine.

    I like your cucumber trellis. I’m adding a new bed next year, and am already trying to plan supports in my head, as I have several “climbers.” Do you find that netting works better than poles, like say, bamboo poles/teepees?

    I had a freebee tomato plant start in my herbs. Still not sure what kind it is – guessing the seed came from the compost. It has 4 little tomatoes on it so far.

  2. LOL I did indeed! If it’s not cost prohibitive, my favorite melon, cucumber, tomato climbing solution is wooden stakes and “garden fencing” I think is what Lowe’s version was called. I would have used this for all of my climbers if I could have afforded it. It’s not terribly expensive (around $26.00 a roll for the fencing and .80 each for the stakes) but when kids are outgrowing clothes faster than you can buy them and others are wanting to go on Mission trips, it makes a difference. The pvc/cotton twine version is by far the cheapest method I’ve found. The pvc is $1.43 per 10foot section (I cut it to 6 foot for the A’s) then the cotton twine was $1.32. So that trellis was less than $5 and I use the cut off ends of pvc for watering tubes for my tomatoes. I bury a one foot pole by the tomato and I can give water and food right to the roots.

    I think I’m going to small batch the Spanish Blacks tonight and see what happens. I’m thinking that even if they turn black or gray, it won’t matter to the taste or quality, it’ll just look strange. I can live with strange. Hey, I do live with strange…

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