Memorial Monday

Memorial Monday

Memorial Day 2012 Lest we forget

Memorial day always makes me think of Tressie Taylor. Tressie was not a veteran, she was married to one, and she had six brothers that all served in WWII. This is the reason I think of Tressie.

Immediately following 9/11 my brother, Paul,  returned to active duty in the Marines. I knew in my heart it was the right thing for him to do, but I was scared and somewhat heartsick nonetheless. One day I was up at the church building on some errand or other and I stopped in to see Tressie as she was folding and sorting clothes for the clothes pantry. Tressie was responsible for clothing many, many people in Brazoria County.

She and I folded quietly for awhile, we had run through the “small” talk of homeschool, tantrums, sewing and such. Tressie was easy to be quiet with. What I mean is, she was the kind of person that you could just be with and not feel like you had to fill in the space with chatter. I hope you know someone like this.

After a few minutes of folding and sorting you get lost in your own thoughts and musings. This is when Tressie put my worry in perspective. Tressie changed my prayers that day.

“I know you’re worried about your brother. I had six brothers in WWII. Only two came home. It’s not that I didn’t grieve, but I know that my brothers were believers. They loved God and they served Him faithfully. I’ll see them again.”

From that day, until this, my prayers changed from constantly asking for his safety to continually requesting restoration of his soul. He knows the truth, and chooses not to acknowledge. Don’t get me wrong, I still pray for his safety, I have just added that he might travel the road to Damascus.

Oh good gravy, I’ve gone and gotten all preachy again.

On this Memorial Day. I remember…

Those that have fought and died in foreign lands…

Those that fought and came home, but never really came home…

Those that served without concern for their personal safety so that we could enjoy ours…

I also remember Tressie. She served God faithfully. I’ll see her again.


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