Stuff You Missed In Botany: Stem

Stuff You Missed In Botany: Stem

Let’s talk about plants, from the roots up.

Roots are the pipelines, the feeder roads if you will. Leaves are the factories. The flowers/fruits are the press agents and research and development department. And last, but not least, the stems are the superhighway that keeps everything connected.

Stem parts

The stems carry the water up from the roots to the leaves and the flowers. They also carry the nutrients up to the leaves to be processed and back to everything that needs the nutrients when the processing is done. On top of all that carrying, it supports the entire plant, so that’s pretty cool.

New studies are now showing that stems may also store water and nutrients for future need. It has been believed that stems only transported water and minerals, but perhaps not. Perhaps they also store and quite possibly even manufacture nutrients on a much smaller scale than leaves, but perhaps a bit.

Thorn. A modified stem.

So, you maybe knew all of that. But, did you know that a bulb, a tuber, corm and rhizome are actually stems that grow underground? They are a kind of modified stem. Included in modified stems are thorns and tendrils. Stems can modify themselves as well.

Dahlia Tuber. A modified stem as well.

We transplant our tomatoes all the way down to the leaves, because the stems will send off new roots to make a nice deep base for the new tomato plant.

Speaking of tomato plants…

I saw this really excellent idea for making a self watering starter that I just have to share with you. This is from Homestead Phd. and it really is a great idea. I have not actually tried it yet, but I am definitely going to try it soon. So cool.

Self watering plant lamps. Very Cool!


Have a paisley day!~KeriAnne


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