The Debate

The Debate

There is a somewhat heated debate at my house. People are taking sides and making themselves heard. What’s the fuss about you may ask?


Assuming you haven’t already bounced from the site, never to be heard from again, let me explain.

Simply put, I have found several articles of late that have extolled the virtues of human urine in compost and as a fertilizer. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to plant two identical tomato plants side by side (in pots) and see if one received any noticeable benefits from a “special” watering.

Two sons said they would agree to provide specimens to aid me in my advances in science.

The Parsnip completely freaked out.

I believe his exact words were, “Absolutely not, under any circumstances are you to do this thing. I will not eat anything from a plant that has had…that done to it.”

Whoa buddy. In the first place, no one asked you to, and B, you eat everything from the garden that I generously apply horse and chicken manure to, but  “that” is somehow abnormally taboo? And furthermore…no one asked you.

In the name of science, I have not discarded the experiment, but I have shelved it for the next little bit, but only because I have a much more interesting new project that is not causing a maelstrom of conflict.

Tune in Friday to read more about it!

In the meantime. Have a great Paisley Tuesday! ~KeriAnne

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  1. I say you should absolutely go for it! I’ve visited an ecovillage in Massachusetts (Sirius Community) that has separate toilets for #1 and #2 and saves all the urine for the garden. (The solids get composted.) The only thing you might want to do is water the urine down. It’s pretty potent stuff and might burn plants, especially seedlings in pots! I’ll be excited to see how this goes. :) (Do you know Joe Jenkins’ book _The Humanure Handbook_? A must-read if you haven’t!)

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