The Duality of Man

The Duality of Man

We were in the garden, in the radish bed to be exact, when I learned some valuable lessons.

Patrick was at the far end of the row, I was on the other, the plan was to meet in the middle. Meghan came out to see what we were doing. Talk quickly went to oohs and ahhs over the gorgeous shades of burgundy, rose and shell pink radishes that were being unearthed. One of us would say, “Oh, this would be pretty nail polish.” The other would add, “I want a lipstick this color.”

Our musings were interrupted by a little boy that flatly states, “I’m winning”.

Winning? Winning what?

“I have the biggest radishes in my bag.” He did, but how did it become a contest?

I thought it was a task to be performed in order to harvest the radishes. Meghan thought it was inspiration for a makeup palette and Patrick, well, he was winning.

If you’re scoring at home, the final tally was three shades of lipstick ordered, five bags of radishes harvested, Patrick had the bag with the largest radishes but the Paisley had three bags to his one (unfortunately for mom, it was decided that this bit was irrelevant and for this task, size did matter).

More conversation after we quit laughing about his enormous victory. Meghan and I are caught up in work schedules, meal plans and whether or not the van has petrol…

“Look, mom! It’s a gun! Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat!”

He shot every bad guy in our yard with that radish gun. I never let my big kids have play guns. My oldest son, Ryan, has said that it really didn’t matter, he just made them out of sticks, playdough, and if all else failed, his thumb and forefinger did the trick. Patrick said the radish gun was the best because after the bullet hit you, the radish juice would really sting. Amazing how a little boys mind works.

Some didn't make it in to the house!

It’s almost dark, the mosquitoes are starting to annoy me. I tell the kids to finish up and take my haul inside to start rinsing. Later that evening, I went out to make sure there was nothing left outside, I hate it when bags get left out. I see a small but noticeable section of about twelve plants that should have been grabbed.

“Patrick, why did you leave those radishes? I needed them all in”?

“Oh, we already had five bags. I left a few for the bunnies. They really like them and we already had enough.”

The duality of man. We are torn by our desire to acquire, possess, consume, coupled with defense mechanisms of violence and aggression learned or not. In the same mind resides the instinct to protect , encourage and nurture.

It’s ours to strike a balance.

Acquire-what we need.

Be good stewards-with what we are given.

Defend-our faith and family.

Protect, encourage and nurture, not just ourselves, our families, our friends, but all of God’s children.

“Love one another, for love is of God. He who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love, does not know God. For God is love. God is love.”

More preachy than paisley today. Sometimes that’s just the way it is. I do hope you have a Thoroughly Thoughtful Thursday! (With a side of Paisley!)~KeriAnne




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