The Project

The Project

So, as some of you will remember, two weeks ago I hurt my back. I was in a bad way for over a week. I’m happy to say I have recovered and am back to my broken down self that I was before. I’m thanking God daily, if not hourly for this I can assure you.

All of the hub bub of the past two weeks has gotten my family on “mom lifting” alert. If I so much as move a tool from one area of the yard to another, I promise warning sirens go off “Warning! Warning! Lifting in progress! Proceed to scolding stage immediately! Warning! Warning!”

I realize that they certainly do not want to see me suffer (or have to help me walk from one room to another at 1am) but good gravy, I was just moving the hoe I wasn’t using the hoe.

So, I’ve decided to placate them. It’s five against one, I don’t have much choice. I’m doing “easy” projects myself and watching (and directing) all of the heavy business that they’ll do.

I’m pickling radishes this week. Yum. This has been a super fun project for Patrick (and me). He gets so excited to find the really big ones but he also has fun getting the little ones, “Aww it’s so cute!”. We thinned out some of the small ones to make a little room for some of the medium sized radishes to do their thing. I’m hoping to get all of the French Breakfast done this weekend. That will give me next weekend to do the Spanish Blacks and Philadelphia White Box, just in time to do the Green Meats and Mino whites the week after that. So, by all calculations, the next 12 years of Saturdays are planned for me = )

A dear lady from church just gave me 6 dozen quart jars, as she finds them too heavy to deal with these days. Her husband had it right when he said, “She’s not giving you canning jars, she’s giving you work.” He was spot on, but I am so grateful for the jars and the work, for that matter!

My “big” project this week consisted of painting and planting.

I’ve said before, the woods next to our house tends to get people using it as a cut through to go to the lake. We find all kinds of cast off things along the edge, some of it has turned out to be quite useful. I have found four tires that I am using as planters.

Fennel and dill don’t play so nicely with others so they are going in two of the tires. Then I got some Alkanet and Woad this year for dying wool and cotton. I’m growing it in the tires as well as I don’t want it near my other plants. It’s poisonous if ingested, but it makes a beautiful yellow and blue colored dye for wool and cotton.

I’m going to triple bag the fennel and dill, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about anything leaching in to my edibles. The Woad and Alkanet aren’t edible and the tires won’t affect the dye, so I’m okay there.

So, the last tire is the “special” project this week.

The Mailbox Paisley Planter

You’ll need:

  • One discarded tire
  • Spray paint of your choice (if desired, you could leave it black as well)
  • Three large trashbags
  • 1 wheelbarrow full of fill dirt (I used dirt from the woods)
  • 3 shovel fulls of good potting dirt and compost
  • Plants of your choice (I used geraniums, but vinca or petunias would be nice as well)

First, I painted the tire white, then finished it with Evergreen I had left over from Paddy’s green garden stepping stones. I used the .88 white paint first so it wouldn’t just soak up the green, more costly paint. It only took two coats, one white, one green. Not bad at all.

Then I cut a notch in a large trash bag and slipped it under the tire. The notch was to go on both sides of the mailbox post.

Fill in with "fill" dirt so you don't use your "good" dirt.

I used fill dirt (from the woods) to fill in the tire cavity on the inside. I didn’t want my “good” potting soil and compost in the deep cavity of the tire where it would not be used for the plants, but simply be a filler. For the planters of Fennel and Dill I used wadded up newspaper and brown paper bags to fill in the cavity.

It worked nicely as well. I might use the plastic bags I get from Target next time. I hate those things and my kids always “forget” to ask for paper. “Mom, you’re the only one I know that asks for paper or brings her own bags.” Oh well. Someday she’ll realize paper bags are great for the garden and the plastic ones are only good for filling tire planters (And how often do you have tire planter cavities to fill?)

Going on…

Next I cut the bottom off of the second garbage bag and slipped the pull tie side down first over the top of the mailbox, leaving the bottom (cut) side up. I cinched the ties at bottom so they were snug around the mailbox post. I did this to help keep the grass from wanting to come back up in the middle. This left a nice “bag” ready to be filled with good potting soil and compost.

I mixed two parts potting soil to one part compost, filled my “bag” and tucked the edges of the bag under the rim of the tire.

I filled in the rest, to cover the bag completely.

Plant your flowers. Geraniums are delightful. Sweet Peas or snapdragons would be excellent choices as well.

I planted Divas Rose Ice from Swallowtail Garden Seeds. I’m going to add Maverick Coral (also from Swallowtail) when they get a little bigger.

Water in and…

Geraniums planted! Pretty

Picture perfect.

I hope you plan your own paisley planting project soon. Send me pics and I’ll post them for you! Have a paisley planting day!~KeriAnne

Look at these…now these are paisley planters!


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  1. I have a couple of old tires in my garage… I’ve thought about planting in them. Never thought to spray paint them, though. Cute idea!

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