Throwback Thursday: Geraniums

Throwback Thursday: Geraniums

Growing geraniums from seed can be a very satisfying proposition. Geraniums are a perfect “throwback” plant. Geraniums have been around forever but lately there has been resurgence in popularity it seems.

Rose Ice

I know the scented geraniums have been all the rage in East Texas this year. With good cause, I might add. I have some that smell like apples and three that smell like chocolate…yum! The colors are glorious as well. I planted some Rose Ice already and I’m planning on adding some Maverick Coral when they get just a wee bit bigger.

Geraniums are super easy to grow from seeds. It took just two days to germinate those that have been planted thus far. I started them in February and they are already in bloom. The Coral got a later start, but they’re not really too far behind their pink cousins.

I have Appleblossom and Light Salmon up on the porch rail. It’s so welcoming and friendly when we come home to them.

The leaves are almost as paisley as the blooms these days. If you look at the Maverick Coral picture, you’ll see three colors on each leaf. The plant itself is beautiful.

Maverick Coral

Geraniums were the “must have” plant for the English garden for generations. It’s not surprising that there are now over 400 cultivars of geraniums, resulting in plants and blooms of every color. There are dwarf versions, trailing versions and giant versions, as well as the new fangled “scented” leaf varieties.

So what is available you ask?

If you want blue try these:

Johnson's Blue Geranium

  • Brookside
  • Black Beauty
  • Birch’s DoubleĀ 
  • Mrs. Kendall Clarke
  • Johnson’s Blue

Looking for purple?Try these:

Purple Haze

  • Dragon Heart
  • Maverick Lavender
  • Maverick Quicksilver
  • Sticky Purple
  • Purple Haze
  • Divas Ripple Blueberry

If you want Hot Pink, these are for you:

Ice Rose

  • Divas Rose Ice
  • Divas Star
  • Divas Cherry Picotee
  • Divas Ripple Raspberry
  • Horizon Rose
  • Maverick Pink
  • Mint Chocolate Cherry

Baby Pink? Here they are:

Divas Apple-Blossom

  • Ripple Strawberry
  • Maverick AppleBlossom
  • Mint Chocolate Candy
  • Inspire Apple Blossom
  • Inspire Rose
  • Bullseye Pink
  • Tornado Rose

Looking for Coral or Orange?

Maverick Coral

  • Divas Salmon Picotee
  • Divas Rosy Glow
  • Divas Orange Ice
  • Horizon Deep Salmon
  • Horizon Coral Spice
  • Maverick Coral (my fave)
  • Maverick Light Salmon
  • Maverick Orange

If you love white? Try these:

Americana White

  • Maverick White
  • Tornado White
  • Summer Showers White Blush
  • Pinto White
  • Americana White
Whichever you choose, you’re bound to want more. Geraniums are just plain delightful.
Oh, and I almost forgot…I love to get my geraniums from Swallowtail Seeds! I have also gotten some from Plant World Seeds and Park Seeds. I don’t order veggies or fruits from places that have GMO’s but I do get flowers from just about anywhere. Does that make me bad? I’m okay with that if it does. I just love pretty flowers, and if I’m not going to eat them…well you know the rest.
If it helps, I do get all of my edible flowers, nasturtiums, pansy, etc. from Baker Creek and the like.
Have a geranium filled paisley day!~KeriAnne


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  1. Cool! I didn’t realize it was so easy to grow geraniums from seed. We always buy several plants for pots on our deck, but next year, I’ll have a go at raising our own!

    • The Maverick Coral have to be my favorite right now. The foliage is exquisite on it’s own, then the blooms come and well, they steal the show. I had always just picked them up from roadside stands, instant gratification that way, but frugality dictated growing from seed this year, and I’ve been happy with the results. It’s still gratifying, it’s just more prolonged.

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