Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical Wednesday

I’m feeling the burn of planting 28 cucumber plants yesterday. Luckily, we have church tonight so gardening is reserved for watering and feeding only. I usually keep Wednesday as a “stay in” day so I’m fresh for church. I did go out and check everybody this morning. They’re all giddy since the good soaking rain we got yesterday evening.

It was kind of fun, I was on the last cucumber when it started sprinkling. I had just enough time to put my tools away, store the wheelbarrow and pop up on the porch before the skies let loose. I planted, God watered them in. = )

So, here’s what else is on my mind today (because I know you were wondering).

First off…canning and preserving.

Radishes are picked, pared, processed and pickled! Yay! So far I have 1 full quart and 4 half quarts of the French Breakfast.

Pickled French Breakfast, Bread and Butter style

Some observations:

  • I intentionally left them in icicle form for the quart jar because I wanted to be able to see the beautiful burgundy and white contrast. As you can see, the vinegar turned a gorgeous burgundy rose color, pretty in it’s own way, but not what I had intended. Lesson learned.
  • Again about the coloring, I intentionally did not use apple cider vinegar because I really wanted clear liquid brine to see the radishes vibrant color. I had thought about perhaps using apple cider vinegar to see if there was a noticeable flavor difference. I probably will try that now to see if there is, since it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to have a clear liquid anyhow. Lesson learned.
  • Rosy Radishes

  • This is not the first year to pickle radish, but it is the first year to do pickled with the different color radishes. In the past I have used Mino and Philadelphia White Box, both of which are white. So, here is my question for all of you wise canners and preservers of good food, will the Spanish Black radishes turn my brine black? If so, is there a way to avoid this?
  • My recipe has always been the same as a bread and butter pickle recipe. ¬†Pretty much vinegar, sugar, pearl onions, and various and sundry spices. This has always turned into a nice sweet, crunchy pickle with a little bite from the radish that we find enjoyable.

One thing that I found odd was that the color didn’t change until the water bath to seal the jars. They went in to the canner crystal clear and 12 minutes later came out rosy. I thought perhaps it was the heat that had changed them, but the brine was just below boiling when I put it in and there was no change at all until the water bath.

I’m not at all disappointed, I do think they are lovely. I’m just really kind of surprised. I also now have to decide if I want to attempt the Spanish Blacks. If the brine turns black or even dark gray, hmm…I don’t know about that. I could do a small batch to “test the waters” or in this case the brine. That’s perhaps what I’ll do.

The second thing is not from the garden at all but about Patrick. He got the cutest shirt from my mom (thanks mom) I wanted to share it with you. So here it is.



And when you go outside…

…and after! It’s magic = )

I love it! I am very much a color changer, sparkly, shiny, glowy kind of person, so this to me was a very cool gift!. Paddy loved it as well.

Also, little green frogs pop up all over it in the sun that are completely invisible when he’s not outside. So cool.

Little green frogs pop up like Spring Peepers!

Please comment or email me,  paisleycarrot@gmail.com if you have any hints for clear brine with colored veggies. Thanks a zillion in advance.

I hope you have a Perfectly Paisley Whimsical Wenesday!~KeriAnne

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