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Paisley Plant of the Week: Tricolor Scalloped (Pattypan) Squash

Paisley Plant of the Week: Tricolor Scalloped (Pattypan) Squash

I love squash! I love it raw, steamed, mashed, pickled, you name the preparation procedure, I like it.

For the past two years I was unable to grow my own and was verklempt over it. I’ve made up for it this year.

Would anyone like some squash? = )

I can’t really say I love any one kind more than another, what drama that would cause.

Green Pattypan

I will tell you that I adore Pattypan (or Scalloped) Squash. I’m growing it Tri-color this year. I’ve had all of the colors before, but never at the same time; so this is pretty fun (and Paisley).

White Scalloped

Renee’s Garden sells color coded seed so you can actually grow them in a color order. I loved this idea until it came time to plant the transplants in the garden. I ended up intentionally not looking at which color would be where, it turns out I wanted to be surprised. It’s not like I have a nursery to paint or clothes to make, I’m just going to see what turns out.

Last fall I did the same thing with my carrot seeds. I put all the seeds that had the same requirements and harvesting times together and waited to see what was dug up. At this juncture, my OCD requires me to tell you that I had carefully listed all the possible varieties so that I could remember which were a hit and which fell short. (Phew. . . get off me cranky disorder)

Tri color Pattypan

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