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Reblogged from Live Nakedly

Reblogged from Live Nakedly


Good Dirt: Small Farm, Big Dreams

This was a great article I wanted to share with you. Project Garden Share is on my mind a lot these days. I hope you’ll consider getting involved in your area. Have a paisley Wednesday!~KeriAnne


All photos courtesy of Dan Soulsby/Soulsby Farm.

“I would find it hard to believe that anyone would be ‘for’ GMO’s. Why would you be? Why would anyone (even if they’re not a health nut) want to put something with the words ‘genetically modified’ into their bodies?”  Dan Soulsby worked in Hollywood, but dreamed of returning to his native Ohio to start a farm.  According toThe Soulsby Farm’s website, his opportunity came during the 2007-2008 economic downturn that left him without his job and the impetus to move.  Running his “very small farm” of under two acres with his wife Mindy, these two graphic designers by day are hoping not only to grow their own food, but to bring properly grown harvests to those most in need in their community via a non-profit, Project Garden Share.

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