Are You Involved With A CSA?

Are You Involved With A CSA?

Country Gardens has a wonderful article about a young lady that runs her own small business as an organic gardener.

She started when she was very young, like 12, and now has a rather profitable, sustainable business. She sells garden “shares”. For nine weeks during the spring and summer, those that buy a “share” get a bag of organically grown produce, herbs and flowers. Those that get large “shares” get larger quantities. It’s a very interesting concept.

I’m wondering, do any of you participate in a CSA either as a producer or a consumer?

What is your experience with them?

Tell us your stories, good or not so good.

Have a paisley Friday!~KeriAnne

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  1. I’m about to start my second season with a CSA farm just up the road from me and I love it! This particular CSA is great because you pick up your produce at the farm and can choose from a huge variety of items. I have a small share and that means most weeks I get to choose five items, and at the height of the season there are usually a dozen or so different vegetables to choose from. That means you never get stuck with something you don’t like. They also let you double up on most items, so if you want extra of something for canning you can take two portions of one kind of vegetables and get enough for a batch of pickles or whatever.

    CSA members are welcome to wander around and visit the animals, which is fun. They also have herbs and a few other items in a pick your own garden.

    Several years ago I joined another CSA where you just got a box that was already made up. I often ended up with too much of one thing, or things I don’t really like. So it really depends a lot on the farm and I think you need to do a little research before you sign up.

  2. I participated in a CSA for a while, but it took about 45-60 minutes one way to pick up my shares, so I have pretty much stopped using them. With the price of gas, it’s just not cost effective. We loved the fruits and veggies, though!

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