Are You Plugged In?

Are You Plugged In?

Today I had to update plugins. Not an unusual or exciting occasion. Certainly not worth writing about. However, it did cause me to look particularly long at the word plugin and realize, it’s not a word.

I mean, it is a word, spell check doesn’t even blink at it. But really, plugin, is not a word. It’s like the h in humble, we never voted to change it to umble, but somehow, that’s what it is. (Except at my house, where the h gets used each and every time it is meant to be used. I mean,  arry the enderson as a pulled amstring makes you sound like you’re doing a bad cockney impression. Dun’t it?)

All that to say this, today is shameless plug day! Here’s what I read, what I love, what I’m thinking about. I know you wanted to know. If you love them as well, tell them the Paisley Carrot sent you. I’m giving you four from each category because four is my favorite number.

About Gardening

Carrot Tops Allotment- a great blog that also has a podcast.

Growing With Plants- the garden is way fancier than mine, but very paisley and cheery.

Seed to Salad- (Not the Cornell one, {sorry Andy} the regular one)

Chooks and Roots- Helpful and hilarious. That’s a good combo.

Kids or Homeschooling

Confessions of a Homeschooler- 100% more organized than I am, lots of great ideas.

The Well-Trained Mind- We school with a classical twist, heavy on the Charlotte Mason. This is a good fit for us.

Heart of the Matter- More Spiritual than some of the others, also a bit more personal than polished. I guess that makes me like it more, it’s more like me.

Church Fun- You just have to see this one.




Seeds-(I’m giving you more of these)

Baker Creek Seeds

Eden Brothers

Kitazawa Seeds

Territorial Seeds

Seed Savers

Cooking and Food

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Pasta Princess and More

Plain Chicken (This blog made me want to blog! She also makes me want to cook)

Dittander Wild Food- I want to be a confident forager, but in truth, I’m a foraging chicken! Dittander’s not.

Canning and Preserving

Museum of Forgotten Pickles

Food In Jars

Saving the Season

Canning Across America

…and finally, A Mixed Bag…

Gettin’ Fresh- I love the fresh (no pun intended) approach they use. I always get something from the post.

Soilentgreens- *Caution when entering here, explicit* She makes me cringe, but she usually makes me laugh as well. She always helps me to remember to think.

Soulsby Farm- You must learn more about Project Garden Share! This is a good story as well.

Mark’s Veg Spot- One of my favorites, great pictures and a cheery disposition.

For the most part, I don’t hoist myself up on any soapboxes very often. I get a little preachy sometimes, that comes with the whole “Minister’s wife” thing, I suppose. I think it’s also due in part to the things I read. There are people doing a good job getting the word out.

The words? Buy local. Buy or grow organic. Teach your kids to think, not fill in bubbles. Preserve…your health, your faith, your crops, your family. Be good to one another.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”   I Thessalonians 5:11

You can do all of those things, and live a little paisley. Have a great Monday!~KeriAnne






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