Convincing the Cucumbers and Other Feats of Wonder

Convincing the Cucumbers and Other Feats of Wonder

Today I had to spend the day convincing cucumbers that they are happy in their own neighborhood.

My cucumbers have decided that the manure is better on the other side of the trellis. I pretty much had to take them in hand and convince them that it was all the same poop no matter the side. Some of those boogers actually required twine and a few well placed knots that would not have been sanctioned by the Boy Scouts. Stubborn, to say the least.

Have you ever done this? Today, I’m rockin’ along, minding my own business, pulling grass from around naughty cucumber vines trying to persuade them that they really will be happy in their own little corner of the universe that I have so carefully prepared for them, and whoops, up comes a whole cucumber plant.

Then I spend the next twenty minutes trying to 1) decide if I could possibly re-root it and 2) convince myself that they probably could use a little more room anyway so it’s absolutely fine that I did that horrible thing.

In the end, I composted it, (in not a very cheerful manner). Acknowledge and move on..

Now, to the success of the day. I was getting all my darlings where they needed to be and Jonathan was bringing me one of many, many cups of ice water (15 in all today) he noticed baby cucumbers on the White Wonder plants. I said, “Next week we’ll be awash in cukes, yay!” After he left, I moved a leaf and found this…

White Wonder Cuke on a bed of basil


It’s the first of the big cucumbers of 2012. Paddy has been getting his Mexican Sour Gherkins for a ┬ácouple of weeks now, but this is the first from my gardens.

More pics from the garden…

The newly convinced cucumbers coming right along.

Newly convinced White Wonder Cucumber

And the Jelly Melons and Vert Grimppant Melons are coming on like crazy. I saw baby melons on the Vert Grimmpant today, so it won’t be long now!

Vert Grimmpant Melons

I hope you had a very paisley Tuesday. I’m headed for bed now. ~KeriAnne

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