Head Count

Head Count

So, I’m still fighting an infection of some sort. Ibuprofen and Goldenseal tea are my two best buds. However,  yesterday evening I got dressed just enough to not shock the neighbors and went to do a quick inspection of the garden. I had decided I may need to make a list of tasks for the Parsnip to do if anyone was in desperate need of anything.

All was quiet on the garden front. Our abundance of rain coupled with warm (okay, hot) weather has left my garden feeling rather smug about herself.

Lemon Cucumber June 2012

Other than the cucumbers, who sensed the weakness in the Gardener Force and took that weakness as a sign to once again invade each others side of the trellis, things are splendid. In particular bliss are the melons, cucumbers, squash, vine plants in general are living and loving life to the fullest.

How good?

Vert Grimppant June2012

32 melons on the melon fence. Most are still about the size of a baseball. They are adorable.

Melons June 2012

The Vert Grimppant are leading the pack but they are neck and neck with the jelly melons. The White Wonder watermelon is coming on and the Charentais are doing their bit as well.

Although the Great Trellis Rebellion  of 2012 is in full swing, the plants are uber healthy and have a bazillion flowers and half a bazillion baby cucumbers popping out all over.  The side dressing of composted manure has everything in high cotton.

The squash is almost ready and the zucchini are as well. The corn is filling in its kernels and the mustard is flowering. Not a moment too soon on the mustard, as I’ll need a metric ton of mustard seed for all of the pickles this year. That’s a great problem to have.

Bonus Corn June 2012

Ugh…what’s the equivalent to a side dressing of compost for humans? I’m guessing it’s Ibuprofen and Goldenseal tea. Have a Paisley Tuesday!~KeriAnne


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