Paisley Plant of the Week: Green Zebra Tomato

Paisley Plant of the Week: Green Zebra Tomato

Green Zebra Tomatoes, the Paisley Plant of the Week!

Green Zebra Tomatoes almost ready!

This gets to be the Paisley Plant of the Week for three reasons:

1. They are in Patrick’s Green Garden, and he loves them.

2. They are crazy cream, lime, and moss green stripes, very paisley.

3. They are the first of all the tomatoes in all of my gardens to produce fruit. Yay for them!

All tomatoes start off green, but some stay green forever. Green Zebra is not quite an heirloom, cherry tomato that stays green even after it’s ripe. Not only is it green, but it’s also striped! How paisley!

Lime, chartreuse, cream, sage and forest green stripes compete for dominance on this one golf ball sized fruit.

So, how do you tell when your tomato is ripe if they don’t change color? That is a good question. I check my green fruiting varieties much more frequently than any of the others. With Green Zebra it’s a little easier than say the Evergreen, because the Green Zebra’s don’t get their stripes until they are almost ready to pick.

They start out a nice sage green solid then they fatten and start getting faint stripes, then, poof they get nice solid rich stripes and they’re ready to eat.

Green Zebra, getting it's stripes!

They are not quite heirloom because they have only been around since 1983. They were bred by Thomas Wagner of Tater Mater Seeds. So, by the 1951 standard of calling something an heirloom, the Green Zebra is not a true heirloom.

Four in a row!

However, you can save seed from isolated plants and you’ll get a Green Zebra year after year. I’ve already confessed to being a seed saving chicken. I save my seed, but I buy seed as well, just in case. It’s little more important for me to get true seed for my tomatoes, because I’m sure the isolation is not complete enough to keep from cross pollination. However, my tomatoes always germinate, and I get some nifty surprises that I don’t mind at all, since I have true type seeds to fall back on.

New fruit as well.

I’ve never had a “bad” or “unfortunate” tomato from saved seeds, although I did have a Snowberry White cherry variety last year that was a little bitter and never really great. It was just the one plant though, so it was whatever.

Wow, that last picture isn’t that great. Sorry. Green Zebras make good ketchup, it’s kind of tangy but still sweet. They have a really nice bright flavor, that is lovely.

Green Zebra Tomatoes Rock! You should try them. Have a Paisley weekend!~KeriAnne


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