Paisley Plant of the Week: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves

Paisley Plant of the Week: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves

Basil is a great plant. So what do these three things have in common: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves?

It’s easy to grow, versatile in cooking and smells and tastes divine.

The Paisley plant this week is Red Rubin Basil. An upgrade to Opal basil, Red Rubin is a hardy, gorgeous red/purple that really pops in the herb garden.

Red Rubin Basil

Basil “Amethyst Dream”

Another great thing about this plant is the color. It really gives you a lot of freedom to use basil in recipes you may not have wanted to before.

Last week I was in most of the week so I was afforded the opportunity to can and preserve more than usual. Lucky me! (And lucky family)

I had several pints of blueberries to deal with and my herb garden is in high cotton this year. I had put the herbs in the front yard last year, but with the drought and lack of any real shade, only the basil was really content until the fall and winter when the cilantro came on. Everything is happy in the new bed in the back yard. Borage and Basil are the two stars of the herbs so far.


Jam, “Blueberry Basil”

My personal favorite this year is the Red Rubin and the Amethyst Dream. They’re both beautiful in their own right. The Red Rubin is a deep green with purple/red accents. Whereas the Amethyst is solid purple and lovely. Both have a pungency that make them especially suited for a strong Pesto.

Basil, "Red Rubin"

Basil, “Red Rubin”

This pesto is so beautiful as well as delicious, it can be the hit of a party.

I like to make Red Rubin pesto and use it on flat bread with roasted red peppers. My family is bonkers over this every summer.

Back to the blueberries…

It didn’t take long to decide it was time to take advantage of the beautiful Purple of the basil with the berries. I also popped in a handful of rosemary just to brighten everything up. Let me say, these preserves are scrumptious. I had to put a quota on how many sandwiches the boys could make when they wanted to start on a third jar.

Blueberry preserves

Blueberry preserves

Red Rubin Basil, a very paisley plant.


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