Paisley Plant of the Week: White Wonder Cucumber

Paisley Plant of the Week: White Wonder Cucumber

This fine variety of heirloom cuke earns a place in the Paisley spotlight.

First White Wonder Cucumber.

It is the first of my cucumbers to come in and it is doing so in abundance.

Now, I really love Lemon Cucumbers, so I didn’t figure on getting a new favorite cucumber. White Wonder really wants a shot at that title.

Newly convinced White Wonder Cucumber

The taste is so sweet, and the flesh so crisp, it’s really delightful.

I had every intention to make these Garlic Dills, as they are the largest of my cucumber varieties this year. Now I’m thinking I need to do at least one batch Bread and Butter. However, if we don’t stop eating them straight out of the garden, it won’t matter what I was planning for them.

If you add in that they are an extremely mannerly climber, not insisting on going over to the neighbors part of the trellis, you end up with a winner of a cuke!

I got my seeds from Baker Creek. I know you can also get them from Seed Savers Exchange and Victory Seeds.

White Wonder Cucumber, it’s a very paisley plant!

Have a great weekend.~KeriAnne


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