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Did You Say Melon Jam?

Did You Say Melon Jam?

I just want to know if I heard you correctly. Did you say melon jam?

Why yes, yes I did.

The story goes…girl loves melons…girl plants melons…lots of melons. What to do with all of these melons? We’ve grilled them (yum, by the way) dressed them (rice vinegar, raspberry and lime is our favorite) and slathered them in yogurt, now what? To tell the truth, we’ve even made them in to delicious bowls for vanilla bean ice-cream, also great, still there’s more.

The only thing to do now is save them for the winter. The way to do that? Melon Jam. Let me get this straight…

Did you say Melon Jam?

Did you say melon jam?

Melon jam anyone?

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