Dragon’s Egg Have You Ever Heard of Such?

Dragon’s Egg Have You Ever Heard of Such?

Have you ever seen a Dragon’s Egg? We have! In actuality, we have seen many this year.

The cucumber girl is at it again.

Dragon's Egg Cucumber

Dragon’s Egg Cucumber

Dragon’s Egg

This week we have a glut of cucumbers. It happens every time and I really love it! Patrick is completely bonkers over the Dragon’s Egg cucumbers I’m growing in one of the back cucumber beds. He doesn’t like to harvest my cucumbers as a general rule, “They’re too pokey”. I suppose they can be a bit on the prickly side, but not the Dragon’s Egg! They are completely smooth and a beautiful cream color.

Dragon's Egg 2

Dragon’s Egg before they go in the Pickle Crock

I’ve got a gallon size crock fermenting with a mix of Dragon’s Egg, White Wonder, Mini Whites and Lemon Cukes. I’m thinking I’ll parcel them out, some to be sweet, some to be Garlic Dill. The Garlic Dill recipe is from Food in Jars. Check them out! The Dragon’s Egg will definitely go to the sweet side, they are so sweet already, it would be a shame to waste all that sweet goodness. I suppose it would not be a waste, it just seems like they want to be sweet instead of sour.

Pickle Crock

Pickle Crock with a mixed lot

Some of the Dragon’s Eggs are quite large, as big as my hand in some instances, but for the most part they are falling along  the mid size, about the same size as the lemon cucumbers.

A Different Pickle Crock

Different pickle crock

They kind of have a squarish feel to them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re round, but they’re boxy. Patrick made up a whole scenario where they needed to be this shape so as not to roll out of the nests that are quite certainly at great heights.  They also belong to a rare albino dragon (he didn’t call it albino, he just said they are completely white, even their eyes, which, coincidentally glow in the dark). He also informs me that if you eat Dragon’s Egg cucumbers, you become the friend of these dragon’s and they will be your pets. All I’ve got is “It’s where the fairies danced”

I’m not sure about all of that, but they are well worth growing. They have been easy to care for and are producing plenty of snacks for dragon lovers and mortals alike.

In other news, for my friends that are believers, I’m soliciting prayers this week. My middle boy, Jonathan, is on a Mission Trip in Nebraska. While I know it’s a great thing he’s doing, I get rather out of sorts when he’s away. Mother likes all her chicks in the nest when it’s time to sleep at night. So, if you remember, talk to the Father for me, and for Jonathan to have a great, safe, and productive trip.

Have a paisley day, filled with Dragons and some Dragon’s Eggs!~KeriAnne

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