Melon Fever, Canning and Preserving, and Two Books you Must Have

Melon Fever, Canning and Preserving, and Two Books you Must Have

Melon Fever is much better than Melon-choly! Oh, that’s bad…

There’s only one thing for it, let’s talk about melons, canning and I’ll even tell you about a couple of great books you’re going to want. I hope you have a cuppa or at least some Joe.

Melon Fever, Canning and Preserving, and Two Books you Must Have


Melon Fever!

Last week brought 26 melons in the house, now in jars. This week sees 8 more that will be ready soon, and babies that have a few more weeks to plump up.

The Rich Sweetness melon are leading the way with the Vert Grimppant melon coming in second by a tendril.

Last week I made melon jam with the Vert Grippant melon, it was a lovely green. This week I’m making jam with the Rich Sweetness melon, it will be a luscious creamy ivory color. I’ll be sure to post pictures of that after Wednesday.

Along those lines I want to tell you about a few great books I’ve gotten recently that have made canning absolutely paisley for me. Let’s face it, sometimes canning is just work, it could use a dose of paisley, right?


Food in Jars by Marisa McClellan

Food in Jars writer,  Marisa McClellan,  has a book that injects a whopper dose of paisley into your canning projects. Aside from the Cantaloupe Jam with vanilla that I have been fiddling with for my green and Rich Sweetness melons, there are many, many more recipes to keep you happy in the canning kitchen for a long, long,  time.  I got mine from Amazon but it is available just about anywhere you can buy books, even at Chapters in Canada. Don’t miss this one!







The other book I’ve been pouring over is Canning for A New Generation by Liana Krissoff. I love this book. This brings in the “younger”, slightly more, for lack of a better word, sophisticated philosophy to the canning and preserving arena. While you’ll find recipes for “plain” things like bobbing garlic dill pickles, you’ll also get some great paisley twists on some old favorites, like Chamomile Scented Strawberry Syrup. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? She even goes on to give you a recipe that uses the strawberry pulp from the syrup to make Spicy Strawberry Butter and follows up on the next page with Strawberry Dumplings.

What takes this book completely over the top for me though, is the way it is laid out seasonally with fruits and veg that are available in each season and recipes to use with that seasonal produce. I’m a firm believer in local, seasonal produce. If all of that were not enough, I love her recipe for Kimchi, I’m a little obsessed with Kimchi at the moment. I blame it on the daikon pickles, but it could be I was dropped on my head as a baby?

Some of the melons

Some of the melons!

So there you have it.  Melon Fever, Canning and Preserving and two books you really must have, if not from your book store, at least from your library!

I’m over the moon to have my boy back from Nebraska. Jonathan spent ten days with the West Erwin Youth Group in West Point, NE. He told me I would have loved it there, all of the church members live on big farms. I dunno though, I’m pretty happy to just be a gardener. I reckon I’ll let the people that don’t have backs made of glass keep the farm jobs and I’ll just be happy in my little paisley kingdom.

We’re glad to have our internet back. It’s very quiet at our house with no internet (and no middle boy). I was thankful to still have access to Pandora radio using the iphone. I think I may have gone a little batty if there hadn’t been that, and the Parsnip would say that would be a pretty short trip.

I’m wondering if it’s wrong to hug the fellers that fix the internet? I decided to just give them some preserves instead. I’m not sure what parish of Louisiana they were from and I’m pretty sure there are a few that still hold by a hug constituting a betrothal. I have all the husband I can manage for this lifetime, so they got blueberry preserves. = ) (Of course I’m joking, but I was very happy to see them)

Next month will be the 100th anniversary of the church the Parsnip is preaching at in New Summerfield. We’re planning to have a reunion of sorts and it should prove to be a fun occasion. Along those lines, if anyone has any great ideas for these kinds of events, I’d love to hear about them. We have about 8 weeks until it’s here, so if you saw something or did something interesting at a reunion or anniversary, and want to pass it along to me, I’d be most appreciative.

There’s no cure for Melon Fever, and aren’t we glad of that? I suppose I’ll just have to “suffer” with it. You all have a super, paisley Monday.~KeriAnne

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