So, Here’s the Plan…

So, Here’s the Plan…

So, here’s the plan…

This week is all about harvesting and replanting.

Last year I missed having pumpkins ready for Halloween by about four days. This year, we’ll have them! The only way that can happen though is if I get the corn harvested and the new pumpkins planted. So, it’s going to be a busy week. Add to that, the Vert Grimppant melons are ready to pick, plus several dozen cucumbers, well, what am I doing inside?

So, here’s the plan…

On Monday, the corn gets got (love that Texas twang?), the squash gets yanked and the pumpkins get planted.

Tuesday, melons come in, cucumbers too, and the zinnias get a well deserved deadheading.

So, here's the plan...pickles

Vert Grimppant June2012 soon to be pickles

Wednesday, anything standing still (or anyone for that matter) gets plopped in brine or otherwise canned in some fashion.

Birthday present this year

Happy Birthday to me! (And my family)

Did I tell you that I got a 23 qt pressure canner for my birthday? Well, that happened and I love it! I now have another tool for putting things by that is big enough for the job. Plus, it can double as a water canner, which has increased my capacity from 4 quarts at a time to 7. That kind of rocks!

Thursday, I have to make some pesto, the Basil is booming and if I make some now and freeze it, I’ll have enough for Christmas presents all around this year. Last year only my niece and sister-in-law had some, the rest of the family have been scowling. = ) Oh, and the compost must be sorted, it needs a turning for sure.

Friday, I have to make bread, the freezer is out and that just won’t do. Plus I need to put some by for our friend that is having a kidney transplant in a few weeks. I plan to fill their freezer with some meals their seventeen year old can heat for them and some bread for their freezer. Davy is getting the new kidney, but it will be his wife Sonya, lending him one, so they will both be out of commission for some time. Barrett will be the cook for a while, and I think pizza should only be eaten once a week, not three times a day indefinitely = )

Saturday, good gravy, I think I need a vacation.

Sunday, I get that vacation I needed and to worship with my sweet family in New Summerfield.

Life is good at the Gunz house, except I’m missing my boy. So, what are you doing this week?

Oh, and so you know, I’m making melon pickles with the Vert Grimmpant this year, I plan to give you the recipe on Wednesday!

Have a great, and paisley week!~KeriAnne

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