The Time is Now! Fall Planting Must be Planned Now

The Time is Now! Fall Planting Must be Planned Now

Now is the time to be setting in motion what you’ll be growing in your fall garden. It is time to plan your fall planting.

Fall leaves in Texas

Texas in the fall

If you wait until summer wanes, it will be too late.

Jack B Little Pumpkins

Jack B Little Pumpkins

So, what will you be planting this fall? It’s a little hard to think about what we’ll be wanting to harvest come October and November but if we don’t start our seeds now, we won’t have anything to “fall” back on. (I know, but I couldn’t resist)

So, what will it be? What will your fall plantings be?

Sweet Dumplin' Winter Squash

Sweet Dumplin’ Winter Squash

I’m going with winter squash, with plenty of Jack B Little Pumpkins, of course. I’m doing two large beds with Sweet Dumplin’ and Pie pumpkins. (That rhymed and I didn’t even mean to). I’m thinking about some of the white pumpkins as well, but I haven’t completely made up my mind about them.

Baby Boo Pumpkins

Baby Boo Pumpkins

They would be a novelty and would probably sell at my stand, but I’m not sure how they taste, and that’s a big question for me. Unless it’s a flower, I need to be able to eat it, at least for this year. Perhaps at some point I’ll be afforded the luxury of growing just for growing sake. If anyone cooks with the white variety and would like to tell me how they are, I would be most appreciative!

This is also a time to be bringing out the Cole varieties to start your seedlings. Just count back 10-12 weeks before your first expected frost, (see the chart here) and start your seedlings indoors or in a fairly sheltered environment so they don’t get accosted by the dog days of summer.

So what will it be? Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower? Now’s the time for all of these and a few more as well.

Around our parts we can get away with another planting of tomatoes as well, which is pretty cool. My father in law used to grow tomatoes year round in Corpus Christi. Now he has to stop in November like “normal” Americans.  = )

At the end of August I’ll start my Cilantro. Last year the Cilantro grew all winter until I finally had to till it under. So this year, I’ll be ready for a fall planting of that delicious green salsa maker.

If you don’t already have your catalogs, you should check out Territorial Seeds and Baker Creek. Oh, and I wanted to mention, Baker Creek is taking pre-sale orders on a Vegan Cookbook written by the Gettles. You should check out their site for more about that. We’re carnivores at the Gunz house, but I use Vegan recipes for many of the vegetables I cook, because, why not? I love their recipe for fried green tomatoes.

Start thinking about what you’ll need next fall now. While you’re at it, make it paisley!





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