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Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar

My herb bed is stunning this year! So, what shall we do with them? Oil and Vinegar anyone?

I cook with herbs every day or nearly every day, so this bed has been a much loved spot this summer.

Now, as summer is winding down, and other beds are slipping away, I am looking for ways to keep my herbs through the coming coolness of fall and winter. I’ve hit on four ideas I’m sharing with you this morning.

Oil and Vinegar

First up I’m making herb infusions of both oil and vinegar. I’ve collected several nice bottles and have begun the process of steeping the herbs with the oils and different vinegar types. I’m also trying a mix of oil and vinegar for the first time this year. We’ll see how that is.

I want some with clarity and sparkle and others with ruddy richness, so I’ve chosen white wine vinegar and a Japanese Saki vinegar as well as Apple cider and Rose vinegar. I’m using Rosemary, Red Rubin Basil, Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil, Dill-vierling and dukat, and garlic and thyme. I’ve put it all in 1quart jars to steep, no sense fiddling with the funnel for this part of the process.

Vinegar and Oil

It starts in a Mason Jar…

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