I Want To Suck Your Blood! Garlic in the Fall Garden

I Want To Suck Your Blood! Garlic in the Fall Garden

Good Garlic!

The Parsnip sleeps with his right hand clutching his throat, like he’s strangling himself. It has something to do with a childhood fear that held over, maybe The Tingler, no that’s if something tickles his ear…I think it’s to protect from vampires. It’s okay, Parsnip, we’re growing garlic this year, you can rest easy.

Growing Garlic in The Fall Garden


Yummy Garlic

Garlic. It’s good. I use garlic just about every day. We love it roasted, toasted, sauteed and simmered. We even have it raw in salad dressing occasionally. You know what? It’s good for you! I could post links about the health benefits, but I’m not. I’m sure you’ve heard.

This year I did not plant garlic in the spring, I decided to make it a fall crop. I had a couple of reasons to do this. One was that by the time my beds were planned I was only going to have room for garlic in pots. The other was because I really do think with the mild winter we have, I may be able to overwinter the garlic with a little care. We’ll see about that, we’ve had a pretty mild summer so we may be in for a cold winter this year, I dunno, I just live here.


Grow Garlic!

This fall will see one full bed of Garlic and Garlic Chives. Vampires beware! The plan is to put the garlic in the bed that had the radishes last spring. I think this might do some defense in the flee beetle department so I can use that bed again for radishes in the spring.


Are you growing garlic?

I got my fall flyer from Seed Savers Exchange and I think I’ll be growing Siberian, Erik’s German White Organic and Chesnok Red for the hardnecks and Broadleaf Czech which is a softneck. I really like the red and blush varieties.

What else in the fall?

Potatoes, Cilantro, fall Tomatoes, Winter squash, including pumpkins are all started. I’m going to wait until August to plant out, but I have seedlings peeking out of coffee cups. = )

The cilantro overwintered last year. I hope it does again this year. We’ll see. I’m doing some in pots in case it gets frosty around here.

So, what are you planting this fall? Let me hear from you. Have a great day, and don’t worry about the vampires!~KeriAnne

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