Throwback Thursday: Caladium a Great Plant For Your Shady Spots

Throwback Thursday: Caladium a Great Plant For Your Shady Spots

The throwback Thursday today is Caladium. I really like Caladium,  for years we lived in a house that had no direct sunlight. We had large Pecan and Live Oak trees shading the lot. I had to literally chase the sun with my potted tomato and pepper plants.

A Great Shade Plant…Caladium

However, I was able to grow beautiful Hosta, Impatiens and Caladium. All those lovely shade loving plants.

White Wing Caladium

“White Wing” Caladium

Our house and yard now are full sun. All day everyday. The back yard gets a tiny bit of shade in the late afternoon, but really it’s a full sun situation most of the time. I do have a nice place for it on the side of the house where the woods border the property. This is where I’m putting those throwbacks from my previous gardens to help me keep my memories of them.

Pink Caladium

Pink Caladium

This year I put out some Caladium that my friend, Doris gave me. I’m also putting some “Aaron” and some white impatiens to cool down the area. I think it will be pretty.

"Aaron" Cladium

“Aaron” Caladium

I did not know this until I started researching for this article, it was formerly called “Angels Wings” That’s pretty. It was also called the “Heart of Jesus”

Caladium Heart of Jesus

Caladium Heart of Jesus

Originally from South America, there are currently over 1000 cultivars. I’m sure, something for everyone. I used to stick to the red and green variety, but these days I’m partial to the white and green group.

Caladium Touch of Nature

Caladium Touch of Nature

As long as you give them enough water, and enough shade, they really are a breeze to grow. There are even several kinds that are more sun tolerant these days. I really do like Caladium and coleus. They’re just cheerful background for so many other bright flowers. They are lovely with an arrangement of impatiens, hosta or any other shade loving plant.

White Wing is very fancy, so paisley!

Florida seems to be a great place to get caladium in the States. Placid even has a Caladium festival, that’s fancy. Here are a few links to growers…

Florida Hill Nursery

Eden Bros they have Aaron, this is where I got mine


Give “Aaron” “White Wing”  or or any of the others a try, you’ll be glad you did. Have a caladium paisley day~KeriAnne



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