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Look to the Ants (Or, Holding Off Winter)

Look to the Ants (Or, Holding Off Winter)

Winter is coming. Look to the ants. In East Texas, it seems to me that when the ants start swarming, it’s time to seriously consider putting as much as you can of your harvest into jars. Winter is coming.

It was pretty much the same when we lived in South Arkansas. Although, I don’t recall the ant activity of South Arkansas, just the cool fall days. May I take a moment to say I love having distinct seasons again? Yes? I LOVE having distinct seasons again!

When we moved to Lake Jackson my oldest son was four and my daughter was three. We moved in August so when Christmas came around I made what had been tradition, Christmas Sweaters, to go to pick out the Christmas tree. This was about mid November. My poor children suffered the 86° temps in wool sweaters. The next year we started the new tradition of Christmas Tee Shirts.

I have a friend that has lived with her four children in Hawaii. She recently moved to North Texas and had to explain the concept of a jacket to her oldest two children, ages 4 and 5. “But mommy, why would we put clothes over our clothes?” You haven’t thought of that have you? Read the rest of this entry