Coming and Going (on)

Coming and Going (on)

Wednesday is here and I barely know where Tuesday went. The weather is beautiful and has been perfect soup making company.

Potato soup is my all time favorite, but I really like soups of just about any kind. My mother in law waits until the first cold front of the year and makes Split Pea for the occasion. It’s a yummy way to take the chill off.

I’m down to the last of the curriculum choosing for this coming school year. Jonathan is starting 9th grade and Paddy will be in 2nd. I don’t know if I’ve said before but my favorite homeschool product is the Total Language Plus program. My older kids loved it and Meghan says it’s one of the reasons she did so well on her ACT’s. Patrick will get his first taste of it this year and Jonathan is pretty excited about the books he chose to study.

For the most part I decide the year’s activities, but I’m pretty flexible if there is a reasonable request made. Jonathan and I have a deal that allows him three Literature picks to my one. He reads and studies about 15 books each year which is a healthy serving of great books. Total Language Plus incorporates Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing and Comprehension in each study guide. It also has absolutely remarkable suggestions for activities that go along with the book making it a learning by immersion tool.

The Parsnip teases me because if I really love a curriculum I seem to think the author must be a member of the church. Of course most of the time I find out the person is in fact Mennonite. So when I kept saying, “I think Barbara Blakely (Total Language Plus) is a member of the church.” The Snip just smiled and nodded. Well ha! She is a member of the church! I had to be right eventually, right?

In other news, I continue to crochet and knit for the store and in fact, have an auction today at Tophatter. You can get a bargain on a cute rolled brim hat for a boy or a girl. 12 Central at Tophatter in the Handmade Bazaar. 

Have a great rest of the week!~KeriAnne

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