“Mama, we’ve got every pew covered!”

“Mama, we’ve got every pew covered!”
Every Pew Covered

New Summerfield church of Christ

Yesterday we had the 100th anniversary of the New Summerfield church of Christ, where Curt preaches. Paddy leans over to me before the service and says, “Mama, we’ve got every pew covered!” And we had. It was delightful. The singing was awesome, the sermon was awesome, the love in that little building was heavenly.


I’m thanking people today. Thanks to Anne Corbin for keeping the momentum going in the right direction. Thanks to Anthony and Andy King for leading singing. It was the first time I had ever seen a song service “tag teamed”. Thanks to brother Lille for speaking. It was precious to hear the stories of services from 60+ years ago talked of with such fondness. Thanks to all of you that attended. We had every pew covered, how cool is that!

We moved up here to be closer to family, never dreaming we would be finding a new family in the process. His plans are so much better than ours. God bless you today.

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