October Garden, Fun for Everyone with The Haunted Garden

October Garden, Fun for Everyone with The Haunted Garden

The October garden? It’s what one would expect, carrots, parsnips, lettuce, cilantro, mache (corn salad), radishes, pumpkins, winter squash, and cabbage, because…why not? All of that is pretty much to be expected from a fall garden, right?

Haunted garden

Fall Garden…some things we expect…

Haunted garden

…others we don’t!

Well that’s just not very paisley, so this is what we’re doing in Patrick’s green garden. We’re calling it, “The Haunted Patch” or maybe just “The Haunted Garden” and decorating his garden for Halloween! Atop the tree stumps we’ll put his Jack O’ Lanterns, string fairy ¬†lights along the length, and create a huge spider and web on his trellis, we’re leaving the Mexican Sour Gherkins in place as they are still producing. I’m going to use glow in the dark yarn for the web and We’ll put a foam spider painted with glow in the dark paint. We’re thinking of perhaps making a few headstones as well, but I may go for more whimsy than in your face scary. We’ll just have to see.

Haunted garden

Fun Halloween Garden!

I’m gathering supplies still, we want to install it the first week of October, which is coming up quick. This also means school will start again, yay. I love the beginning of the school year. For one thing, I can take a break again, and plus, I just love that my kids are excited to start again. This year is no exception, Jonathan is anxious to start French and Patrick is chomping at the bit to do math again.

Now I’m thinking I might do a Thanksgiving version and of course Christmas. This will be so fun! I promise to post pics as I get them, until then…have an excellent, paisley week!~KeriAnne

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