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Music and Melons, Vivaldi and Vines A Health Choice

Music and Melons, Vivaldi and Vines A Health Choice

Why is it that the song that inevitably gets stuck in your head is “that” song. The Spring section of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is my favorite bit of music, so why is it that “Le Freak” by Chic willingly dances to the tip of my tongue unwittingly?

Because it's good for you

Music is just like most of the other things in life it seems. There is soul mending, mind expanding, synapse firing, great music for us, ripe for the plucking. Then, there is “Valley Girl”.

See? Mozart morphs to Britney Spears, who is, of course the High Fructose Corn Syrup of music, readily available prevalent and persistent. Unfortunately, unable to be processed into a meaningful, life sustaining nutritional component.

All that to say that I’m thinking very carefully about what I’m planting in the garden next year.

I’ve decided to be a little more nutritionally deliberate. Why not? Seriously? What could it hurt? Health, it seems, is a terrible thing to waste.

So, while I will grow my favorites and be happy to have them, I’m also branching out, so to speak. (Branching out, in a garden blog-that’s punny) Cucumber vines will inevitably make their debut in March, but they will also share ground with some Sweet Dumplin’ vines.

So, what’s on the garden menu because of this health attitude adjustment? Thanks for asking.

Kale, sweet potatoes, year round squash and beets, to name a few. Health forward.

I’m thankful for financial considerations that effectively put the kibosh on going out to eat. At least, that’s a habit I don’t have to try to break. After I wrote that I realized it seems somewhat like saying, “Well, at least I don’t smoke.” Oh well, at least there’s that.

In other news…

Mexican Sour Gherkins are still making a gazzillion tiny watermelon shaped cukes. This is a very happy plant find! I am cleaning most of the other beds out, layering with compost and settling them down for the winter. Winter is coming. I’m keeping Paddy’s bed for all the fall and winter plantings. Oh, and I’m putting potatoes in my big tree tub pots. Blue, pink and yellow potatoes, very paisley.

So, on the flip side. I tried, really I did, to like Wagner. I try him every few years, it’s just too heavy. In the veg world, Lima Beans are my Wagner. I try them every few years, cooked different ways, even with bacon, it’s a no go on the Lima Beans. At least this will leave more room for the kale and sweet potatoes, right?

When I was about 14 I realized that there was a limited amount of books I could read and I adopted a two to one policy that I strictly adhere to even now. I read two books because they are “good for me”, historical, literature or scientific. Then I choose one book that is “just because”, I have never deviated from this and it has served me well.

I’m going to try the same in the garden next year. Working in my favor, there are very few things one can plant in a garden that don’t have any nutritional value. However, I’m just going to be more deliberate to choose the “best” of two greats. Does that make sense?

I’m going to take baby steps. Today, I’ll deliberately choose something healthy over Britney Spears. Oh no, metaphors mixing, rambling ensuing…

All this resolve about being more healthy, and now I’m going to get another coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer. Sigh, oh well, at least I don’t smoke. = )

Have a blessed, paisley Wednesday.~KeriAnne