Coming and Going

Coming and Going

There has been plenty of coming and going at our Paisley place. School keeps us on our toes as does a very hectic October. The Parsnip was double booked for every weekend for five weeks in a row. That’s amazing and so so good for our little family (and budget).

In the garden, the Mexican Sour Gherkins continue to flourish, as do the herbs. I’m expecting a slow down, but with afternoons continually in the 70’s and lows not even in the 40’s, we may still have cucumbers at Christmas! I imagine not, but we’ll see.

As most of you know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell knit and crocheted items made from natural fibers. I have seen an upturn of sales, mostly locally with some internet interest as well. This week I found a shop I just love that I wanted to share with you.

This is a fiber artist that uses natural fiber, dyes and fair trade practices in her shop. That’s good for the planet and the people that get to live here as well! The name of the shop is Swallowtail Fiber Art. If you’re looking for some delicious natural yarn, look no further! Look at these beautiful colors…

Banana Fiber in Silver from Swallowtail Fiber Arts


And this…

Banana Fiber in colorway Thyme from Swallowtail Fiber Arts

I love thick and thin yarn. It’s interesting to me that as you progress as a spinner, it actually is more difficult to achieve this variation of consistency. So, the best thick and thin yarn tends to come from new or very unskilled artisans or very knowledgeable, skilled artisans. I love the look of the thick and thin and look for it when I can. When I look for hand spun, I don’t like to get something that appears to have been mill spun, unless I need a specific color.

Soon these will be adorable hats available in my shop. If you haven’t looked lately, you should visit. It’s called The Paisley Carrot. I’ve added many new items. I’m adding about 15 more things in the next couple of days. Lots to choose from. I’m amazed at what people find to make yarn with. I used to wonder at the bamboo yarn, now it’s this beautiful silk like banana fiber. I have some yarn made from seaweed, very cool and another made from milk. Amazing!

Coming and Going

For Thanksgiving with the Grandparents!

There is sure to be more coming and going around our house, and I’m sure yours as well.

Thanksgiving approaches and we have so much to be thankful for this year. I hope your family is being blessed. Have a very paisley weekend!


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  1. I want to thank you so very much for honoring my shop in your blog! I appreciate your help in getting the word out about my fair trade yarns — it really helps women and men in impoverished regions of India.

    thanks again, and happy crocheting!

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