Warm Woolies

Warm Woolies
Help for Sandy

Help for Sandy

Heya, just a quick note to tell you about a great cause. We can all do something to help the Sandy Victims right now! As many of you know, the East Coast was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. There are people that can use your help. If you are a knitter, crocheter, seamstress, or you have the resources to pay any of the above, please consider contributing to the cause. You can find more about it here.

Help for Sandy can be as easy as stitching up something warm or purchasing something warm to send. It’s getting colder, people are in need of warm items. Basically, they need warm things for the people that are still dealing with lack of heat and or shelter. You can send your items to:

Natalie Soud

310 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013

If you are not able to make something yourself, this is a great time to patronize Etsy and you’ll be helping the Sandy victims and the fiber artisans at the same time. Help for Sandy is one way to show your fellow Americans that you’re thinking of them during this time of Thanksgiving. We’ll show we understand Thanks Living! As an added incentive, if you purchase a wool hat from my shop, The Paisley Carrot for donation, I’ll include free shipping to the relief center and a 50% coupon for any item in my shop for you personally.

And finally, if you are not able to contribute with an item or financially, you can still help by spreading the word. Just re blog this or post it on your Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media you use. We can all help. That’s Paisley! We’re Blessed beyond measure, don’t you think? Let’s help those that are hurting now! We can all help!

Have a Paisley Wednesday!

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