The Paisley Carrot…what a weird name. I mean, you think of paisley: zany, silly, whimiscal…and carrot: root vegetable, healthy, common. This is my approach to gardening. In actuality, this is my approach to just about everything in my life. I like to take the everyday, healthy, the mundane and add some paisley to it.

The Parsnip is my husband of 25 years. He gets his nickname because he is a Minister (some call them Parson) and it sounded like it would go together with a crazy paisley carrot. One of the blogs I follow is called Plain Chicken, she calls her husband Chicken Legs. I thought it was cute and sort of took my cue from that. So, he’s the Parsnip.

So I grow ordinary things in my garden. I grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons. But my garden is anything but ordinary with black and white tomatoes, lilac and chocolate peppers, white cucumbers, orange cucumbers and green and orange colored melons! If I have a red tomato it’s because they’re the largest in the world, the smallest in the world or the winner of “best tasting” in Poughkeepsie ten years running.

What is ordinary anyway? Carrots were not ordinarily orange until the Dutch started playing with their breeding. So, grow a white eggplant or a  black radish. Put an orange melon on the trellis this year. Why be ordinary when you can be paisley?! Have a carrot…a paisley carrot.

Have a paisley day~KeriAnne

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