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Paisley Plant of the Week: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves

Paisley Plant of the Week: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves

Basil is a great plant. So what do these three things have in common: Red Rubin Basil, Herbs, Preserves?

It’s easy to grow, versatile in cooking and smells and tastes divine.

The Paisley plant this week is Red Rubin Basil. An upgrade to Opal basil, Red Rubin is a hardy, gorgeous red/purple that really pops in the herb garden.

Red Rubin Basil

Basil “Amethyst Dream”

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Throwback Thursday: White Wonder Cucumber

Throwback Thursday: White Wonder Cucumber

If you have been reading The Paisley Carrot for a while now, you know I’m crazy for cucumbers. If you are just tuning in you should know, I’m crazy for cucumbers. I really love growing cucumbers of any sort, but this year I have a new (to me) variety that is trying to pry top accolades from the tendril grip of the Lemon Cuke.

This brilliant new (to me) garden star is the White Wonder Cucumber. Today it’s the throwback.

White Wonder Cucumber

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Are You Plugged In?

Are You Plugged In?

Today I had to update plugins. Not an unusual or exciting occasion. Certainly not worth writing about. However, it did cause me to look particularly long at the word plugin and realize, it’s not a word.

I mean, it is a word, spell check doesn’t even blink at it. But really, plugin, is not a word. It’s like the h in humble, we never voted to change it to umble, but somehow, that’s what it is. (Except at my house, where the h gets used each and every time it is meant to be used. I mean,  arry the enderson as a pulled amstring makes you sound like you’re doing a bad cockney impression. Dun’t it?)

All that to say this, today is shameless plug day! Here’s what I read, what I love, what I’m thinking about. I know you wanted to know. If you love them as well, tell them the Paisley Carrot sent you. I’m giving you four from each category because four is my favorite number. Read the rest of this entry

The Summer Is Here!

The Summer Is Here!

Today is the first day of summer! So happy summer! It’s the longest day of the year (or the shortest if you live on the other side of the world).

Summer is…

  • a time for home made and carted popsicles.
  • swimming pools or swimming holes.
  • firefly lanterns and sleep outs.
  • lemonade on the porch and watermelon in the fridge.
  • secrets with friends.
  • daisy chains and banana bikes.
  • pirates and princesses.
  • grandparents and cousins.

It’s the first day. What are you going to do with your summer?

Make it paisley!~KeriAnne

Reblogged from Live Nakedly

Reblogged from Live Nakedly


Good Dirt: Small Farm, Big Dreams

This was a great article I wanted to share with you. Project Garden Share is on my mind a lot these days. I hope you’ll consider getting involved in your area. Have a paisley Wednesday!~KeriAnne


All photos courtesy of Dan Soulsby/Soulsby Farm.

“I would find it hard to believe that anyone would be ‘for’ GMO’s. Why would you be? Why would anyone (even if they’re not a health nut) want to put something with the words ‘genetically modified’ into their bodies?”  Dan Soulsby worked in Hollywood, but dreamed of returning to his native Ohio to start a farm.  According toThe Soulsby Farm’s website, his opportunity came during the 2007-2008 economic downturn that left him without his job and the impetus to move.  Running his “very small farm” of under two acres with his wife Mindy, these two graphic designers by day are hoping not only to grow their own food, but to bring properly grown harvests to those most in need in their community via a non-profit, Project Garden Share.

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Rain…Then More Rain…Finally, More Rain!

Rain…Then More Rain…Finally, More Rain!

Yesterday, we had a 50% chance of rain. That should have been the first clue. Monday we had an 80% chance of rain and we didn’t get a sprinkle, not even a drop.

The skies opened up last night and unleashed every bit of pent up frustration they’ve been holding back. The result has been three inches of rain with thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon. I have to go get some things in place to protect some seedlings that are seriously disgruntled with my lack of protection yesterday.

On the up side…more food will get put in jars today, since staying out isn’t in the cards.

Yesterday I managed to can six quarts of radishes, and made two quarts of refrigerator pickles. Most excitedly,  the verdict is in…

The Spanish Black radishes do NOT turn black or gray! They are lovely!

Spanish Black Radish Pickles

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A Day For Chores

A Day For Chores

Last week I barely stepped in the garden. This week,  it shows. Today is a day for chores. Usually I don’t mind garden chores. Weeding is just part of things. Trellis training is a must. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, but it’s so essential, I just keep my eye on the prize. The prize it seems is a beautiful, luscious, glorious, bountiful harvest!

Radish Harvest 2012

I have to weed Patrick’s Green Garden, with some help from the little guy of course.

I saw about 20 ladybugs in the radish bed today. I'm glad 'cause this is where I'll be putting tomatoes this week.

I have to finish harvesting radishes, all except those I’m waiting for seed from.

I have to train some wayward cucumbers that would really like to migrate to the neighboring bed (the manure is always richer on the other side of the trellis, it would seem), and I need to manage some melons that would really like to just meander in the yard instead of on the trellis.

I have tomatoes almost ready to pick! Yay! And, the Raveena eggplants are all in flower. Oh, I just remembered, I’m picking Pattypan squash babies this week for pickles. I have enough for about 2 quarts at the moment. I’ll be making UFO pickles Wednesday.

Ready to harvest! Tom Thumb Lettuce

Little Gem Lettuce has become my favorite lettuce. They are adorable!

It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, but each head of the Little Gems are four inches across. They are adorable, and have become my favorite lettuce over all.

Patrick’s Green Garden has Mexican Sour Gherkins that are ready to pick as well. I’ll toss some of them in some brine as well at some point this week!

Green Zebra Tomatoes almost ready!

Paddy wanted me to put a picture of his Zinnias blooming. This is "Envy"

Paddy's Green Garden Green Doctors Cherry Tomatoes

In the big cucumber bed in back, the White Wonder is the first to fruit this year. So, dills and garlic dills will be the first to get put up. Oh, and I’m trying a new (for me) recipe of Olive Oil Dills this year. If any of you have made these, holler at me, I’d love to know what to expect.

That’s or you can leave a comment here.

Chores await, and I have a new book to listen to. Have a paisley day!~KeriAnne

Paisley Plant of the Week: Tricolor Scalloped (Pattypan) Squash

Paisley Plant of the Week: Tricolor Scalloped (Pattypan) Squash

I love squash! I love it raw, steamed, mashed, pickled, you name the preparation procedure, I like it.

For the past two years I was unable to grow my own and was verklempt over it. I’ve made up for it this year.

Would anyone like some squash? = )

I can’t really say I love any one kind more than another, what drama that would cause.

Green Pattypan

I will tell you that I adore Pattypan (or Scalloped) Squash. I’m growing it Tri-color this year. I’ve had all of the colors before, but never at the same time; so this is pretty fun (and Paisley).

White Scalloped

Renee’s Garden sells color coded seed so you can actually grow them in a color order. I loved this idea until it came time to plant the transplants in the garden. I ended up intentionally not looking at which color would be where, it turns out I wanted to be surprised. It’s not like I have a nursery to paint or clothes to make, I’m just going to see what turns out.

Last fall I did the same thing with my carrot seeds. I put all the seeds that had the same requirements and harvesting times together and waited to see what was dug up. At this juncture, my OCD requires me to tell you that I had carefully listed all the possible varieties so that I could remember which were a hit and which fell short. (Phew. . . get off me cranky disorder)

Tri color Pattypan

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