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Are You Plugged In?

Are You Plugged In?

Today I had to update plugins. Not an unusual or exciting occasion. Certainly not worth writing about. However, it did cause me to look particularly long at the word plugin and realize, it’s not a word.

I mean, it is a word, spell check doesn’t even blink at it. But really, plugin, is not a word. It’s like the h in humble, we never voted to change it to umble, but somehow, that’s what it is. (Except at my house, where the h gets used each and every time it is meant to be used. I mean, ¬†arry the enderson as a pulled amstring makes you sound like you’re doing a bad cockney impression. Dun’t it?)

All that to say this, today is shameless plug day! Here’s what I read, what I love, what I’m thinking about. I know you wanted to know. If you love them as well, tell them the Paisley Carrot sent you. I’m giving you four from each category because four is my favorite number. Read the rest of this entry

Joyeux Printemps and Bon Anniversaire, Paul

Joyeux Printemps and Bon Anniversaire, Paul

Firsts have always meant a lot to me. My mother was born on the first day of winter, my brother was born on the first day of spring and I was born on the first day of summer. If it’s the first of any new season, chances are good you need to have a birthday card handy.

It’s the first day of spring, what a way to welcome it in. We had gale force winds, trees are down, electricity is ¬†spotty, and our Wii may have been surged. The Wii is a tragedy because that is how we watch Netflix in the den. I’m hoping it’s just some breaker that Ryan will be able to reset when he gets around to it.

So, it’s spring! Let’s garden!

I’m so excited about my Tom Thumb lettuce. Wait, didn’t you say you don’t grow lettuce? I said I have

Tom Thumb Lettuce Ten Weeks

difficulties with lettuce. I’ve been living in South Texas for the last la di da years and my lettuce has really loved to bolt. I grow romaine for the bunnies and use as much as they don’t eat and this year I’m growing Tom Thumb in the main bed. We’re much further north so it’s not going to bolt, right? Yeah, well, we’ll see. Read the rest of this entry