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Weather is Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not!

Weather is Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not!

What's the forecast?

Aside from prayer, there is really not much we can do about the weather. We’re at the mercy of the elements. Or are we?

While we may not be able to make it rain, stop the rain, divert the tornado or avoid the hurricane bearing down on us, we can protect our gardens from most of the major problems inclement weather that may be forecasted  for us.

I’ve traveled a lot. I grew up a Navy brat when I was little then traveled a lot professionally. I have been smack dab in the middle of just about every weather related natural disaster including: 6 Typhoons in Guam, 4 Tornadoes in Wichita Falls, TX, I think 7 Hurricanes in several Texas towns, Earthquakes in CA, Ice Storms, Dust Storms, floods, drought, hail, and so on and so forth. I think the only thing I haven’t actually lived through is an avalanche, another reason not to move to Lillehammer.

Although some things will come up that we can neither predict nor control, we can take steps to protect our gardens and growing spaces from most of the heavy hitting weather anomalies. I know I can’t address them all, but I want to cover a few.

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