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Throwback Thursday: Honeysuckle

Throwback Thursday: Honeysuckle

Every time I step outside these days I’m taken aback by the heady smell of the honeysuckle wafting from the woods adjacent our property.

I love the woods by our house for many reasons. 1. They provide a nice barrier from the commercial businesses on the other side.  2. They make a wind break from the strong wind that blows over the lake. 3. They provide shelter for wildlife. 4. They make a sound barrier for the traffic from the highway. 5. They are chock full of the most delicious smelling honeysuckle.

It’s the last bit I’m talking about today.

Japanese Honeysuckle growing in the woods by the house.

Honeysuckle is a shrub Honeysuckle is also a vine. We are lucky enough to have three different kinds of Honeysuckle by the house. I love that at different parts of the day, the smell is different. I can’t help but wonder if the scents are sending different signals. This is not scientific, just the musings of a sensitive nose. ; )

In the morning there is a light, fruity almost citrus smell. About noon, there is a stronger, more wild honey sweet smell. Then, around six, there is the strongest smell of all. This is the intoxicating, permeating, vanilla bourbon yumminess.

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